Frelia’s Binary Field, fourth installment

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Hello! I am nearly done retranslating Frelia’s Binary Field. Here is a feast of specimens from my recent work on it. The word 狙う is repeatedly translated as to try to kill, when it should be something more like to go after: Fururu(203) :2:2: JP::私が狙われた、ってこと。 しかも、ペンギンさんのぬいぐるみを着た 変な人に狙われるなんて……。 EN::Somebody’s trying to kill me. Why am I […]

More of Frelia’s Binary Field

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Hi folks! Frelia’s Binary Field continues to be a challenge and a fascinating source of problematic translation specimens. Spoilers ahead. Reversal of intent: Reisha(18) :7:7: JP::冷静に返さないで!! 寂しくなるじゃない……。 EN::Please don’t seriously answer. I’m just kidding. NEW:Don’t be so cold! You’re making make me miserable… The intransitive usage of “envy” is a pretty strong indicator that this […]

Getting worse than spotty

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I just got through the biggest file in Frelia’s Binary Field, and it contains quite a lot of dangerously meaning-altering translation problems. Of course, some mild to severe spoilers are scattered throughout. Lost meaning: Kuroaki(202) :26:26: JP::(前はよく一緒に遠出したりもしてたけど、最近は組織を警戒して、出かけるとしても 近場ばかりだったしな……) EN::(We’ve been to so many places, but because of the Syndicate, I haven’t gone out that often.) […]

Frelia’s Binary Field is spotty

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Hello! The atmosphere of this project is getting pretty exciting again, with not much left to do and some very talented new contributors. Myself, I’m working on Frelia’s Binary Field, the last major chunk of story to be retranslated. I don’t know quite why, but the quality in these particular files is all over the […]


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When translating from Japanese, you need to consider how to treat honorifics: -san, -chan, -senpai, and so on. In a lot of pop culture, localizers have started just leaving them in and thus preserving their meanings; if your audience is Japanese pop culture aficionados, then you can trust them to understand. This works when the […]

Cosmosphere Error Fest 2009

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Cloche’s Cosmosphere is complete at long last. Here is a smorgasbord of problems from the last two levels. Of course, some mild to severe spoilers are scattered throughout. How can you perform in front of someone that is somewhere they need to be lured out of? Cloche(1) :4:4: JP::そうよ。 おもてなしするのなら、 やっぱり綺麗な音楽でご招待したいじゃない。 EN::Yes. We should lure […]


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Serious spoilers for Cloche’s Cosmosphere. There are two completion ceremonies in Cloche’s Cosmosphere; one fake and one genuine. I am partway through translating the real one (which means I’m almost done with the whole Cosmosphere!) and it reminded me of the poor treatment of the false one. The completion ceremony, one of the main goals […]

True Love

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This pair of lines struck me as somehow hilarious. Cloche(1) :113:113: JP::…大好き… EN::…I love you… Croix(3) :114:114: JP::…パラダイムシフト!! EN::…Paradigm Shift!

Bits, Bobs

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Hello, friends. Since my last update, I’ve been tremendously busy at work, moving into my first house, sick, caring for my sick wife, entertaining my brother and parents from out of town, and catching up on video games. But the more Ar tonelico 3 news that comes out, the more excited I get about the […]

Less Unhappy

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A glaring mistake in one of the game’s most crucial dramatic scenes. Cloche(1) :64:64: JP::どうせ後に不幸が待ってるなら、 最初から不幸の方がいいんだもん… ぐすっ… EN::If I have to go through the pain of losing you someday, I’d rather be less unhappy the whole time… *sob* NEW:If sadness will just be waiting for me anyway, I’d rather be sad to begin with. *sob*