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Many spoilers for Cloche’s Cosmosphere Level 7. Weak: Cloche(1) :8:8: JP::身体を持たない程に微弱になった存在が、 こんな事出来るわけ無い筈なんだけど…他に考えようがないもの。 EN::It’s supposed to be impossible to do this without its body, but I can’t think of any other reasons. NEW:It shouldn’t be possible, in their weakened, bodiless state. But there’s no other explanation. “You’re us”: Cloche(1) :13:13: JP::貴方は私達クローシェにとっての希望…。 そんな貴方を殺してみたら、どうなるかしら。 EN::You’re us, Cloche’s hope… […]


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Spoilers for Cloche’s Cosmosphere. Here, the first line’s meaning is mostly lost, because of inaccurate and ungrammatical translation. When 行動理念 first appears, it’s the completely wrong “the idea I have”. The second time it’s the slightly better, but still incorrect, “philosophy”, but the sense that Cloche is about to reveal the reasons behind her recent […]


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I’m not really sure what the translators were going for here, but it doesn’t have much to do with the original text. It was hard to write a short enough line that gets across the meaning, and I did have to take some editorial license. But at least mine resembles the original! Spoilers for Cloche’s […]


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Here’s a case where the translation is fine, but the editing has caused harm. In Cloche’s Cosmosphere Level 6-R, there’s a flashback to Level 2. The official localization has different text between the flashback and the original scene, even though the Japanese text is identical in both. The two official localizations seem like they must […]


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Luca’s rhetorical repetition of a key phrase in this speech is completely lost in the official localization. I did my best to restore it. This text has spoilers for Cloche’s Cosmosphere. Luca(0) :26:26: JP::貴方自身が『ルカ』や民衆を疑うのは、 貴方が自分に自信がないから。 EN::The reason why you doubt “Luca” and the civilians is because you have no self confidence. NEW:You yourself mistrust “Luca” […]

Truly impressive

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I keep rereading this official localization to make sure it’s as confused as I think it is. It’s a miniature masterpiece of nonsense. Luca(0) :24:24: JP::貴方が御子であることを、世界一否定しているのは、 貴方自身なのよ! EN::You’re the one who doesn’t approve of you the most out of anyone in this world is yourself! NEW:In this world, the one who most vehemently denies that […]


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Croix(3) :1:1: JP::ルカを探してるんだ。 アマリエ、見なかったか? EN::I’m looking for Cloche. Have you seen her? NEW:I’m looking for Luca. Have you seen her?


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A defining idiosyncracy of the character Infel is that she tends to make abysmal puns, usually at the worst possible moments. As I translate Cloche’s Cosmosphere, I’ve been having a lot of fun coming up with English puns that are similar in meaning and in groan-inducement to the originals. Of course, it’s disappointing that the […]

Inverted meaning of the day

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Luca(0) :44:44: JP::クローシェ様は、私と一緒にいて御子の地位を得る代わりに、自らの自由を私に売り渡した。 EN::She promised to stay with me, and gave me her position in exchange for her freedom. NEW:She gave up her freedom to me, in order to be with me and to take the role of Maiden.

Please, not Sakura Taisen too

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Rumor has it (ugh, confirmed) that NISA is localizing Sakura Taisen V. I love Sakura Taisen profoundly. For the better part of a decade I’ve wished my non-Japanese-speaking friends could enjoy the ST series. But… It’s taking quite a bit of self-control for me to state this calmly. Here goes. Nippon Ichi Software America, you […]