Translation Phase finished!

Posted by on Aug 12, 2012 in Retranslation log | 33 Comments

Hello, everyone! I know it has been some time since the last post, but now, I’m pleased to announce that every single bit of text in the game has been retranslated! That is, the longest phase of the project has finally reached its end! Now, we have to do some reviewing, consistency checks and finally, […]

A little update

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Ok, just chiming in to tell everyone that we’re approaching to the end of the menu texts, as there are only three files for it remaining: the Current Objectives texts, the profile character texts from the Status screen, and the texts related to Dualithnode Crystals. Aside of this, I also have a little new to […]

Current Report

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Hi everyone, aquagon over here. First, I’d like to apologize for saying we’d be able to release the project by the end of the previous year, given that due to different circumstances, the progress on it slowed down after the great boost in activity it had gotten at the beginning of 2011, and because of […]

A rather large update

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Well, hello everyone! Sorry we haven’t posted anything else during the last few months, but we were pretty busy not only retranslating, but also editing and figuring out some new things. And here I have come to tell you some news: We have gotten a new graphics editor, Soukyuu, who has been doing everything we […]

Another small update

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Well, we haven’t advanced as much as we would have liked during the last past few months, but anyway, here are a few news I’d like to announce: We have a new member on the team, void, who is helping us in the editing and coding fronts. He has solved a little bug we weren’t […]

A long-awaited update!

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First than anything, sorry everyone, for not having mades any updates since so long ago. Real life has been meddling a lot lately for all of the members of the project, so it has been hard to keep up working in it. However, we’re still doing our best to go with it, and to show […]

Some small progress

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Okay, I have just started with the translations for Phase 5 (the main storyline is almost completely translated); and while it seems to have picked up somewhat when it comes to translation and edition quality; there are also some blunders once in a while. For example: Croix(3) :12:12: JP::最初は腹黒いヤツだと 思っていたが… EN::At first, I thought you were evil-minded at heart, but... NEW:At first, I thought you were an evil person, but... Did anyone say […]

About guilt feelings

Posted by on Dec 22, 2009 in Retranslation log | One Comment

Well, this a little bit I found while translating a section of Phase 4: Leglius(4) :89:89: JP::わかっていても、心の底で否定する気持ちがあるってのも…わかるだろう。 EN::But there’s that feeling at the bottom of my heart that doesn’t. You know? NEW:But even so, I still have these feelings  of denial at the bottom of my heart...  do you understand it?

About “Emoness”

Posted by on Oct 17, 2009 in Retranslation log | 5 Comments

Well,watching one friend of mine playing At2 reminded me of some of the earlier blunders I saw when I was translating Phase 1; and I decided to post one that many should recognize. Luca(0) :115:4294967295: JP::そういえば、エナ宮殿跡で謳ってから、私とスープ、お話しできるようになったね! EN::Well, at least I’m able to understand you now! NEW:But now that I think so, since I sang in the Enna Palace Ruins, I have been able to talk with you! (31) :116:4294967295: JP::そうだね!ボクもビックリしたよ。<LINE> 急にボクが言ってることがわかるようになるんだもの。 EN::Yeah, it’s great! I was going borderline emo  there for a while. NEW:Yeah! It also surprised me. It was so sudden that I could talk and you could understand me. Luca(0) :117:4294967295: JP::え?だって、スープが言葉喋るようにしたんじゃないの?<LINE> だって前は、プーとしか言わなかったのに… EN::Huh? But you don’t have long enough bangs  to be emo... NEW:Eh? But how you could start talking talking so well? Before you couldn’t... […]

Dealing with Wave Theory

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Well, this part is taken from Jakuri’s Lv. 2 Cosmosphere, as part of an optional event. However, I think this part wasn’t given the necessary care it should, given that Wave Theory (and all of its derivatives) are the basis of the Ar tonelico world. And don’t worry about spoilers, since this part doesn’t contain […]