Of Typography

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The original intentions of the script, the characters’ personalities, the music, video, graphics, the integrity of the code, and now even the typography. Nothing is safe! I’ve been studying and practicing typography lately, so this is a topic dear to my heart. Here’s a frame from the introduction to the game’s parody Cosmosphere: And here’s […]

Adventures in Image Editing

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Kari the graphics girl here. I never dreamed that I’d be using my Photoshop skills to do something like this, but here I am. I’m in charge of fixing up any errors the graphics have in comparison to the text. This mostly means names, since we’re changing a lot. Today’s post will show the change […]

Error Potpourri

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When you can’t immediately tell what a line means, please don’t guess. Cloche(1) :5:5: JP::ふふ、自信ない…か。<LINE> そうよね。そんな根拠のない自信、<LINE> こっちから願い下げよ。 EN::Hehehe! No confidence…huh? Well, I don’t want you to lie to me. NEW:Heh, you have no confidence? All right, then I’ll withdraw my baseless allegation. Also, I’m starting to resent how any use of rude speech registers in […]

Land Mines

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Some scenes of the localization are actually just fine. I scroll through them checking the lines against the original Japanese, finding everything carefully and astutely translated. Then I come across something senseless like this. (150) :18:4294967295: JP::だって、早くしないとステージイベントが<LINE> 始まっちゃうよっ! EN::It might start soon, if we don’t hurry! NEW:If we don’t hurry, it’ll start without us! Bonus […]

Secrets of the Disc

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One of the fun parts of working on a project like this is pulling apart and analyzing the game resources on the disc. Of course, it’s fun to have all of the individual character sprites and environment backgrounds and everything. But there are also some interesting artifacts of the development process. For instance, there’s a […]

The Fate of Croix’s Parents, Distorted

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If your craving for localization blunders is greater than your aversion to spoilers, I have a pretty momentous topic for you today. One of our own vigilant translators aquagon discovered this alarmingly ill-treated line in an important dialog with Reisha: Reisha(17) :23:23: JP::クロアの両親も、レイカが殺してしまったようなものですから…。 EN::Leyka killed Croix’s parents, as well… NEW:Since Reika was like the ones […]


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There are lots and lots of homophone spelling errors in this game. Here’s a specimen of two in one line! (25) :91:91: JP::貴方の及ぼした、その小さな影響が、彼女にとってはこれほどまでに大きな事だったのよ。 EN::You’re small influence lead to this big result. NEW:Your small influence led to this significant result.


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Here’s a case of a line that, even if you could understand it through the poor grammar, still wouldn’t make sense. Its meaning is actually exactly opposite to that of the original Japanese line. To enjoy such a story-centric game, you need to be able to trust the text! JP::ここはクローシェの精神世界。 クローシェが貴方を本気で殺そうと思っていなければ、彼女の人格の誰かが助けるわ。 EN::This is Cloche’s spiritual world. If she tried to kill you, her other personality will save you. NEW:This is Cloche’s spiritual world. If she really hadn’t wanted to […]

Jeanne Ishikawa

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OH MY!! I just learned about the “Jean Ishikawa” problem. In Ar tonelico 2 there is a character in Cloche’s cosmosphere by the name of イシカワジャンヌ (Jeanne Ishikawa), a female, sword-wielding chef. Jeanne is a common French woman’s name and has a common Katakana transliteration. NISA localized her as Jean Ishikawa, and assigned her a male voice actor!! […]

Today’s Exhibit: Localizing Voice

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So, the Ar tonelico 2 English localization has problems. I don’t presume to have a diagnosis for what went wrong, but I can scrutinize the symptoms. Most importantly, I want to help make things better. The real goal of this project is not to accuse anyone for what’s happened; it’s to fix what we can […]