Inverted meaning of the day

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Luca(0) :44:44: JP::クローシェ様は、私と一緒にいて御子の地位を得る代わりに、自らの自由を私に売り渡した。 EN::She promised to stay with me, and gave me her position in exchange for her freedom. NEW:She gave up her freedom to me, in order to be with me and to take the role of Maiden.

Please, not Sakura Taisen too

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Rumor has it (ugh, confirmed) that NISA is localizing Sakura Taisen V. I love Sakura Taisen profoundly. For the better part of a decade I’ve wished my non-Japanese-speaking friends could enjoy the ST series. But… It’s taking quite a bit of self-control for me to state this calmly. Here goes. Nippon Ichi Software America, you […]

Needlessly Demeaning Lines

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This was discovered by one of our translators, Kensou. Reish(151) :52:52: JP::……さあ、どこからでもかかってらっしゃい。 EN::Bring it on, Mitsubiyotchi! NEW:All right, show me what you’ve got! We think this kind of clumsy, crass humor doesn’t fit the spirit of the game at all. Wouldn’t we have bought the heartfelt story that was there in the first place?

New New Forum

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Leading off of the last post, ARM has a new forum due to…issues. Spread the good word, everyone.