Minor Flub

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Well, while looking through Jakuri’s Lv. 3, I found this little thing, which looks like the ending of a love story told by Amarie: (207) :1:1: JP::「あんたの千年先を応援するわ。<LINE> だから今はさよなら…!」 EN::”Good luck in a thousand years. Good bye for now…!” NEW:”I’ll be cheering you for the next thousand years. So… good bye for now!” I don’t know if anyone also thinks this, but for me, the way the official localization translated this sounds pretty unnatural […]


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Luca’s rhetorical repetition of a key phrase in this speech is completely lost in the official localization. I did my best to restore it. This text has spoilers for Cloche’s Cosmosphere. Luca(0) :26:26: JP::貴方自身が『ルカ』や民衆を疑うのは、 貴方が自分に自信がないから。 EN::The reason why you doubt “Luca” and the civilians is because you have no self confidence. NEW:You yourself mistrust “Luca” […]

Truly impressive

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I keep rereading this official localization to make sure it’s as confused as I think it is. It’s a miniature masterpiece of nonsense. Luca(0) :24:24: JP::貴方が御子であることを、世界一否定しているのは、 貴方自身なのよ! EN::You’re the one who doesn’t approve of you the most out of anyone in this world is yourself! NEW:In this world, the one who most vehemently denies that […]


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Croix(3) :1:1: JP::ルカを探してるんだ。 アマリエ、見なかったか? EN::I’m looking for Cloche. Have you seen her? NEW:I’m looking for Luca. Have you seen her?


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A defining idiosyncracy of the character Infel is that she tends to make abysmal puns, usually at the worst possible moments. As I translate Cloche’s Cosmosphere, I’ve been having a lot of fun coming up with English puns that are similar in meaning and in groan-inducement to the originals. Of course, it’s disappointing that the […]