Progress Report

Posted by on Jul 30, 2009 in Retranslation log | 5 Comments

Well, just an small new this time: Jakuri’s Cosmosphere has been completely translated! And the other translators in the team are doing good progress with Cloche’s Cosmosphere (up to Lv. 6-R), and Luca’s Cosmosphere (up to Lv. 3), and I’ll be seeing what I’ll translate next.


Posted by on Jul 25, 2009 in Retranslation log | One Comment

Well, while working on Jakuri’s Lv. 6 scripts, I found this little line (it’s the answer to a question that Croix makes during a certain point): ???(132) :2:2: JP::シルヴァホルン。<LINE> 世界の詩魔法力の源にして、世界を支配する力を持つもの。 EN::It’s the Silver Horn that can rule the entire world by using all the magic  power it can absorb. NEW:The Silver Horn. It’s the source of […]