Verbosity is Not the Enemy

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There’s nothing wrong with being concise, but try not to damage the meaning while you’re at it.

Luca and Insecurity

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Luca craving approval, and how clearly it comes across.

So I don’t know French either, but…

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Is it “Chalon de Trois” or “Shalon de Trois”? Apparently, they don’t know either.

Less Unhappy

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A glaring mistake in one of the game’s most crucial dramatic scenes. Cloche(1) :64:64: JP::どうせ後に不幸が待ってるなら、 最初から不幸の方がいいんだもん… ぐすっ… EN::If I have to go through the pain of losing you someday, I’d rather be less unhappy the whole time… *sob* NEW:If sadness will just be waiting for me anyway, I’d rather be sad to begin with. *sob*

Junk Heap

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Many spoilers for Cloche’s Cosmosphere Level 7. Weak: Cloche(1) :8:8: JP::身体を持たない程に微弱になった存在が、 こんな事出来るわけ無い筈なんだけど…他に考えようがないもの。 EN::It’s supposed to be impossible to do this without its body, but I can’t think of any other reasons. NEW:It shouldn’t be possible, in their weakened, bodiless state. But there’s no other explanation. “You’re us”: Cloche(1) :13:13: JP::貴方は私達クローシェにとっての希望…。 そんな貴方を殺してみたら、どうなるかしら。 EN::You’re us, Cloche’s hope… […]


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Spoilers for Cloche’s Cosmosphere. Here, the first line’s meaning is mostly lost, because of inaccurate and ungrammatical translation. When 行動理念 first appears, it’s the completely wrong “the idea I have”. The second time it’s the slightly better, but still incorrect, “philosophy”, but the sense that Cloche is about to reveal the reasons behind her recent […]