Luca CS6 Quickie

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Luca’s has some pretty convoluted aspects, but that doesn’t mean translations concerning them have to be twisted too.

About “Emoness”

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Well,watching one friend of mine playing At2 reminded me of some of the earlier blunders I saw when I was translating Phase 1; and I decided to post one that many should recognize. Luca(0) :115:4294967295: JP::そういえば、エナ宮殿跡で謳ってから、私とスープ、お話しできるようになったね! EN::Well, at least I’m able to understand you now! NEW:But now that I think so, since I sang in the Enna Palace Ruins, I have been able to talk with you! (31) :116:4294967295: JP::そうだね!ボクもビックリしたよ。<LINE> 急にボクが言ってることがわかるようになるんだもの。 EN::Yeah, it’s great! I was going borderline emo  there for a while. NEW:Yeah! It also surprised me. It was so sudden that I could talk and you could understand me. Luca(0) :117:4294967295: JP::え?だって、スープが言葉喋るようにしたんじゃないの?<LINE> だって前は、プーとしか言わなかったのに… EN::Huh? But you don’t have long enough bangs  to be emo... NEW:Eh? But how you could start talking talking so well? Before you couldn’t... […]