Cosmosphere Error Fest 2009

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Cloche’s Cosmosphere is complete at long last. Here is a smorgasbord of problems from the last two levels. Of course, some mild to severe spoilers are scattered throughout. How can you perform in front of someone that is somewhere they need to be lured out of? Cloche(1) :4:4: JP::そうよ。 おもてなしするのなら、 やっぱり綺麗な音楽でご招待したいじゃない。 EN::Yes. We should lure […]


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Serious spoilers for Cloche’s Cosmosphere. There are two completion ceremonies in Cloche’s Cosmosphere; one fake and one genuine. I am partway through translating the real one (which means I’m almost done with the whole Cosmosphere!) and it reminded me of the poor treatment of the false one. The completion ceremony, one of the main goals […]

About guilt feelings

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Well, this a little bit I found while translating a section of Phase 4: Leglius(4) :89:89: JP::わかっていても、心の底で否定する気持ちがあるってのも…わかるだろう。 EN::But there’s that feeling at the bottom of my heart that doesn’t. You know? NEW:But even so, I still have these feelings  of denial at the bottom of my heart...  do you understand it?

True Love

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This pair of lines struck me as somehow hilarious. Cloche(1) :113:113: JP::…大好き… EN::…I love you… Croix(3) :114:114: JP::…パラダイムシフト!! EN::…Paradigm Shift!

Bits, Bobs

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Hello, friends. Since my last update, I’ve been tremendously busy at work, moving into my first house, sick, caring for my sick wife, entertaining my brother and parents from out of town, and catching up on video games. But the more Ar tonelico 3 news that comes out, the more excited I get about the […]