Observations from the Item Catalog

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Item descriptions were more interesting than they should have been. Potential spoilers here, though I’ll try to avoid anything major. One thing that really got to me was that although it’s clear (isn’t it?) that Croix is supposed to be narrating, sometimes the official translation seems to simply forget that. Personal comments are turned into […]


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When translating from Japanese, you need to consider how to treat honorifics: -san, -chan, -senpai, and so on. In a lot of pop culture, localizers have started just leaving them in and thus preserving their meanings; if your audience is Japanese pop culture aficionados, then you can trust them to understand. This works when the […]

Just a Quickie

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In celebration of completing Luca’s Cosmosphere, here’s a brief, non-spoilerish excerpt from the last level: Goro(134) :45:45: JP::人の恋路にちょっかい出すヤツは、 オボンヌに蹴られて死んでしまえ!って、良く言うじゃない。 EN::Haven’t you heard the expression, “Whoever interferes with someone’s love should be stoned to death by Funbuns”? NEW:Like they say, anyone who messes with love’s progression should be kicked to death by Funbuns! Croix(3) :46:46: JP::言わない言わない。 […]