More of Frelia’s Binary Field

Posted by on May 28, 2011 in Retranslation log | 2 Comments

Hi folks! Frelia’s Binary Field continues to be a challenge and a fascinating source of problematic translation specimens. Spoilers ahead. Reversal of intent: Reisha(18) :7:7: JP::冷静に返さないで!! 寂しくなるじゃない……。 EN::Please don’t seriously answer. I’m just kidding. NEW:Don’t be so cold! You’re making make me miserable… The intransitive usage of “envy” is a pretty strong indicator that this […]

Getting worse than spotty

Posted by on May 20, 2011 in Retranslation log | 6 Comments

I just got through the biggest file in Frelia’s Binary Field, and it contains quite a lot of dangerously meaning-altering translation problems. Of course, some mild to severe spoilers are scattered throughout. Lost meaning: Kuroaki(202) :26:26: JP::(前はよく一緒に遠出したりもしてたけど、最近は組織を警戒して、出かけるとしても 近場ばかりだったしな……) EN::(We’ve been to so many places, but because of the Syndicate, I haven’t gone out that often.) […]