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Luca’s rhetorical repetition of a key phrase in this speech is completely lost in the official localization. I did my best to restore it. This text has spoilers for Cloche’s Cosmosphere.

Luca(0) :26:26: 
EN::The reason why you doubt "Luca" and the 
civilians is because you have no self confidence.
NEW:You yourself mistrust "Luca" and the 
citizenry because you have no confidence.

Luca(0) :27:27: 
EN::It's because you don't believe in yourself.
NEW:You yourself harbor feelings of inferiority to her.

Luca(0) :28:28: 
EN::It's because you think you're not the Maiden.
NEW:You yourself think you are not the Maiden.

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  1. Bladewind
    June 22, 2009

    Wow, the difference is like night and day. Its really too bad NISA couldn’t hire anyone that understands the beauty and the choice of word used in the original version.

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