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I just got through the biggest file in Frelia’s Binary Field, and it contains quite a lot of dangerously meaning-altering translation problems. Of course, some mild to severe spoilers are scattered throughout.

Lost meaning:

Kuroaki(202) :26:26:
EN::(We’ve been to so many places, but because of the Syndicate, I haven’t gone out that often.)
NEW:(We used to go out together a lot, but now we don’t go very far, for fear of the Syndicate…)

Lost subject:

Fururu(203) :42:42: JP::畔章、前の会社が気に入ってた
EN::I really liked your old job better.
NEW:It seemed like you really liked that job.

Intentionally-altered personalities?:

Fururu(203) :64:64:
EN::It seems I was right.
NEW:So I just kind of hoped… Hehehe…

Kuroaki(202) :65:65:
NEW:…I see.

Altered personality:

Fururu(203) :70:70:
EN::Are you feeling alright? You never say nice things like that to me.
NEW:It’s not bad, it’s just… You never say that sort of thing, so I was surprised.

Absolutely reversed meaning:

Fururu(203) :87:87:
EN::Sure. Take your time.
NEW:Okay. But come back soon.

Vulgarity from a completely innocent character:

Fururu(203) :183:183:
EN::What the hell’s going on!?
NEW:Hey, wh- what’s going on!?


???(132) :89:89:
EN::Stop playing around. I could just eliminate her first, you know.
NEW:…You’d better not try anything. I’m faster than you, and I could easily end your life.

Meanings introduced from nowhere:

Miwa(152) :114:114:
EN::So, how does this story end? Do we end up killing each other, or does it depend on our choices right now?
NEW:So what happens next? Does it remain just an exciting story? Or will it become reality?

Absolutely reversed meaning that confuses characters’ pasts:

Miwa(152) :126:126:
EN::…Now that I know a defector of the Syndicate is in danger, I can’t ignore it. Okay, I accept.
NEW:…Well, someone who has nothing to do with the Syndicate is being targeted. I can’t let that stand. I accept.

Misspelled character name!?

Kuroaki(202) :142:142:
EN::You’re…really Moira!?
NEW:You’re… Miora!?


Kuroaki(202) :151:151:
EN::You gave me those tasks because you knew I wouldn’t go through with them?
NEW:You gave me the mission even though you never trusted me?

Totally inexplicable introduction of a term of address from the Ottoman Empire!?!?

Reish(151) :160:160:
EN::I’m the penguin-type maid at this cafe. Nice too meet you, effendi.
NEW:…I am on penguin duty at this cafe. Nice to meet you! Pen-pen!

“This morning” to refer to something that happened four days prior in the story continuity:

Kuroaki(202) :165:165:
EN::A penguin costume? Actually, she said she was chased around by someone in an animal costume this morning…
NEW:A stuffed animal… Oh, she mentioned that she was being followed by a stuffed animal…

Ultra-compact error:

Fururu(203) :171:171:


  1. Anonymous
    May 20, 2011


    Sounds like… Aladdin? “And now, esteemed effendi, we feast”. My head… Penguin was a monkey after all.

  2. void
    May 21, 2011

    Well, I don’t know where on earth the decision to use effendi came from in the first place, but throughout the game the pepens tend to address people as that, so since Cloche is dressed as one here it’s not like it’s a one-off at least…

  3. Soukyuu
    May 21, 2011

    “Take your time” vs. “Come back soon”: You don’t get it. NISA is just being tsun there… 😛

  4. Sirius
    May 21, 2011

    Makes it all the more worth it waiting for this version to play AT2

  5. SSVAV
    May 22, 2011

    Hello translators, AT2 fans here. Now I know we’ve and you’ve sunk a lot of patience into the AT2 official English translation. But I’m here to tell you, we’re not banging rocks together over here. We know how to make a translation. (Off-mic) Translator? See? Translation here… translation there… Ha, ha! Look at this thing go! Now. We have run into a reproducible human error problem. A lot of good jokes and lines getting awfully translated. But don’t worry, the fans took care of it. Gentlemen, I give you the AT2 Relocalozation Project. Think of it as a text-based suit of armor for the Ar tonelico 2 game. I’m not gonna lie to you, it will take a hella lot of time. But check this out. We told this contributor to just go ahead and try to make a bad translation. [chuckles] He can’t do it. Good work, Project. So, anyway, we’re between websites right now. Just make those contributions out to cash. AT2 fanbase, we’re done here.

  6. yuuki dansei
    April 14, 2013

    I suppose you already corrected it, but 澪羅 is read on-on as reira, not miora.

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